What an emotional video

I came across this Warrel Dane video today. He’s in a band called nevermore (one of my favorite bands).
He recently released his first solo album called “Praises to the War Machine”. This track is called brother and I’m wondering if its based on reality. He is known for incorporating events that happen in his life into music (such as “dreaming neon black which is about an ex of his that disappeared and ended up in a cult).

If anyone knows Id love to know the story behind the song!

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More Snow ughhhh

Happy St Patty’s Day!
Ive been sitting here pretty much most of the day trying to figure out how to do this web thingy! I think Im finally getting somewhere but time will tell. As you’ll be able to see i’m a terrible writer and have a heck of a time trying to get my thoughts into words.

My first thought is that I’m sick of snow, I cant stand the cold, My body aches from shoveling and I WANT TO GO CACHING!!!! I’m having some major withdrawl jitters from not getting out. Just when I thought we’d be able to get back out on the trails…BOOM more snow!!! ughhhhh enough is enough i tell you, NO MORE SNOW

On the upside for today, My Birthday is coming up and my youngest daughter (shes 19) made me take my gift early! She bought me a really kewl vacuum, It even has this removable duster brush thingy to clean cowebs and such, You stick it back in its holder and it sucks the dirt off! how kewl is that! Thank You Kimmy!!!! Do you think shes trying to tell me something… hehe

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